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Sometimes a free photo editing software is all you need. Whether you are editing your photos that you took from your camera, or designing logos and graphics for your website, you’ll need to use a photo editing software. There are several suites of software that you can purchase for designing graphics, but they tend to be incredibly expensive. However, there are free photo editing software suites that you can use to get the job done in a timely fashion.


GIMP is a robust image editing program that allows you to do everything from basic resizing to advanced filtering. The program allows you to resize photos, crop them, add text and change colors. For more advanced users, you have the ability to involve layers and cut out images within photos. Additionally, GIMP allows you to use brushes and plug-ins to edit your images, something that really sets this free photo editor apart from its competitors.

This program is rather large, so you’ll want to install it on a computer that can handle working with large files. Image editing can take a lot of computer resources, so on older computers GIMP may run a bit slowly. Overall, GIMP is an excellent photo editing suite, for any level of image editing.

Here is a screen shot of Gimp’s easy to use interface

gimp screenshot 300x253 Free Photo Editing Software

Available for:

  • PC
  • Mac


Fotoflexier is actually an online utility that does not require you to download or install anything on your computer. The advantages of this is that you can do your image editing from almost any computer, but it is not as versatile as GIMP. For an online utility though, it is a fairly flexible program. Fotoflexer allows you to work with layers, add text to images and do basic retouching. As with other image editors, it also allows you to resize and crop your images. While you are not able to install brushes or plug-ins, since it is an online program, there are still a variety of stamps and filters built into the program.

While you do not have to install anything to use Fotoflexer, it is still an application that runs through your web browser. Be prepared on older computers to have your browser run slower while you are editing images. Overall, Fotoflexer is a great free photo editing software, especially for people just getting started.

Here is a screen shot of Fotoflexer’s easy to use online interface:

fotoflexer screenshot 300x187 Free Photo Editing Software

Available for any computer with an internet connection.


Picnik is a free, online photo editing program that does not require a download to your computer; it lets you edit your photos from a browser. Even though it does not require that you register to use the photo editing program, by not registering you can only upload one photo at a time, whereas by registering for free, you are able to upload up to five photos at a time With Picnik you have all the standard editing tools, like fixing red-eye, cropping, resizing, sharpening your photos and rotating them. Special effects let you make scrapbook pages, greeting cards and collages, and you can even add stickers or texts. Picnik will let you send your edited photos to photo processors, like Walmart, Kodak Easy Share and Costco.

Some cons to this free photo editing software is the fact that even when you register, you still only have the capability to upload five photos at a time, and you have to purchase the premium service in order to upload the one-hundred photos the premium package offers. In addition, if you do not purchase the premium service, there are ads that interrupt your editing process, you do not have the ability to edit your photos on a full screen, and Picnik will only remember the last five photos you have saved. Moreover, any serious photographers will probably have no use for this photo editing software.

Check out Picnik’s online user interface

picnik screenshot 300x187 Free Photo Editing Software

Available for any computer with an internet connection


Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 is free photo editing software that has face recognition capabilities, which allows you to tag people from a list of your contacts, and it is highly accurate. This program has an easy interface, a panorama stitcher, and it allows you to remove blemishes. Its slideshow option gives you six theme choices, like cinematic, contemporary and sepia. You can create movies, and with a convenient tab you are given the option to upload your movies, slideshows and edited photos, tags in place, to Facebook or YouTube. You can even send your photos to Shutterfly, Snapfish or Kodak for professional printing.

There are a few cons to Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011. For instance, if you make a movie with the software, the program offers no music to choose from, and you do not have the ability to add your own. When working with raw camera files, performance is slow, and it does not offer effects, like frames, to enhance your photos.

Here is an inside view of Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

windows live photo gallery 300x214 Free Photo Editing Software

Available for:

  • PC (only)

Google’s Picasa Makes Photo Editing Easy and Free

Picasa is Google’s free photo editing software available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. As an add-on software package, Picasa must be downloaded from the web and installed on your personal computer. Once installed Picasa offers easy-to-use basic editing tools as well as more advanced features for digital enthusiasts. For quick adjustments try the “I’m feeling lucky” control to automatically let Picasa adjust contrast and color all at once, or select individual auto-adjustment tools to fix redeye, contrast, color and lighting issues.

Advanced affects are available to transform your photos into sepia, black and white, tinted, softened, or specialized focus types. Side-by-side editing is a unique feature in this free editing software enabling you to compare edited versions to one another or to the original. You can try a variety of affects in Picasa as changes are never made to your original photo so you need not fear the results. Once edits are complete you can save the changes, creating a new file automatically, and share them directly from Picasa by uploading to Google+ for distribution to your circles or emailing to your friends and family individually. Picasa provides everything you need for quick, easy, and convenient photo management.

Photoscape Adds Picture-Perfect Personality and Pizzazz

Photoscape offers free photo editing software for Windows-based computers combining standard editing tools with more advanced features in an easy-to-use package. Basic photo adjustments to color and contrast, redeye, image size, and lighting are easy to manage no matter your experience level, while advanced features provide the opportunity for artistic expression and an infusion of personality into every picture.

Photoscape has incorporated features that deliver advanced results without the challenging learning curve often required for complicated editing tools. Fix multiple photos in one batch process, combine photos together to include multiple shots into one finished product, separate a single photo into distinct pieces, and create animated gif files all easily and quickly from the simple menu structure within the application. Add personality and flair to your photos by utilizing unique cropping shapes and interesting filters, incorporating text boxes, adding personal drawings, and packaging it all in a digital frame. With Photoscape photo editing software you get the tools to fix basic photo errors and the added features to personalize photos into works of art that are uniquely you.

Edit Your Photos Online Easily, Quickly and Artistically to “BeFunky”

BeFunky is completely web-based and designed to simplify photo fixes for people who are not digital experts. Though BeFunky has fee-based models, the free version provides easy one-click tools for the basic editing most people need offering almost 200 free affects including redeye, contrast, and lighting adjustments, as well as artistic additions to render your photo into a cartoon, add text boxes, shapes, and frames. BeFunky free is licensed only for personal use and cannot be used to edit photos you intend to sell commercially. With the free photo editing software package, you can work on only one photo in a session and it does not auto-save or store the files for later use, so be sure to give yourself sufficient time to finish your work when you start editing.

BeFunky has no software to download and install so offers a perfect solution for quick photo editing when you may not have your own computer available. With an Internet connection and a web browser, you can launch BeFunky in moments, no registration required, and have an edited photo ready to go. Integrated tools let you quickly save the edited version back to your computer, print to any available printer, or directly post to Facebook and Twitter. BeFunky provides a quick and easy Internet option for free photo editing; with its fun features and easy access system you will always be able to keep your photos interesting and entertaining.

Pixlr Replaces Expensive Photo Editing Software with Internet-based Tools for Free

Pixlr is a fully featured online application that will let you replace expensive tools with free photo editing. It is completely Internet-based with no software to download and no registration required. Simply select a photo from your computer, Facebook, or any other accessible website and start editing at once. With an advanced interface reminiscent of Adobe PhotoShop, Pixlr will provide limitless editing opportunities, but it is not a tool well-suited for the novice.

Though it provides all the advanced features found in its expensive desktop counterparts, the performance and speed of the application are not equivalent and the proficient editing guru may initially be frustrated. Attempting advanced commands on large image files can result in delays of several seconds for each adjustment as it processes in real-time across the web. Given its extensive feature set and familiar interface, Photoshop enthusiasts seeking a free editing software may well look past the minor delays and embrace Pixlr as one of the most robust Internet editing tools available. For people most familiar with simple one-click tools who are seeking to advance their skills and embrace the power of manual editing, Pixlr provides a great introduction to the world of high-end photo manipulation without the associated cost, but if one-click fixes are your favorite this tool is not for you.

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