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Portrait Professional

What is Portrait Professional?
Portrait Professional is a editing software that specializes in editing portraits instantly.

How does it work?
With Portrait Professional you simply select a gender and a few common areas of the human face such as:
• Eyes
• Eyebrows
• Lips
• Nose
• Facial outline

After you have outlined the areas of the human face with Portrait Professional you just simply press next / spacebar and it automatically turns the Portrait you are working on into a wonderful masterpiece. After completing the steps in Portrait Professional you will be amazed with all of the touch ups that this software has done to your portrait.

No more blemishes, no more imperfections. This software makes amateurs look like pros.

If you plan on being a professional photographer then you need this software. It works wonders on even the most imperfect photos. This software will save tons of time, especially if you are in portrait photography as a professional.
Why spend hours of time on each individual photo when you can spend just a few minutes on each one and get the same results.

After the automatic retouching of the photo you can also touch up the photo manually by using standardize brush tools and other standard retouching features.

If you want to be a professional portrait photographer, then you need to get Portrait Professional. It’s fast, easy and best of all, it’s fun.

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