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Professional Photo Editing Software

Photo editing is the process of changing or altering images of visual illustrations such as digital or traditional photos, drawing, painting and any other type of images. This was unheard of in past decades but utilizing technology available in this era, image processing has been developed. Users can now edit, manipulate and alter images in their homes with computer programs.
Several companies currently offer professional photo editing software, consequently two leaders Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro and Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 are reviewed below. To qualify as a top photo editing software, certain features must be present in the program which includes:

•Editing Features
•Ease of Use
Output Ability
•Help and Support
•Media Sharing Capability

Corel Paint Shop Pro
Editing Features: In Corel’s Ultimate Express lab various devices for editing are used including automatic adjustments to lighting, sharpness and color. Smart Photo Fix method handles editing problems too intricate for regular devices. Corel also utilizes One Step Noise Remover to remove glare, a Color Balancer editor provides the right hue, Clarify tool enhances and sharpen the image and a High Pass sharpen tool clear blurs from images.
Ease of Use: A built in organizer at the bottom of the window provides easy access. Everything is readily available to create the best image editing.
Output Ability: Has 74 different formats for storing files including JPG, JIF and PING for web graphics. It also allows hotmail image slicing
Organization: An efficient organizing function to drag and drop keyword assignments also advanced photo management capability which allows customization of digital work.
Help and Support: A context –sensitive Learning Center senses what is being done and display useful information as editing progresses. A knowledgeable online crew is available, also forums and customer support. Technical support is offered for a fee.
Media Sharing Capability: Share photos as needed on You Tube, email, social networks or other sites. It allows printing at home or store, streaming to mobile device or burning on a DVD. It also upload photos to any photo sharing site with broadband connection.

Having looked at Corel we will now look at another favorite on the market Adobe Photoshop, to see how it stands up in reviews.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10
In assessing the function of Adobe Photoshop as producing an efficient professional photo editing software, using the same criteria, the following was discovered:
Editing Features: Adobe Photoshop‘s tools makes most everyone comfortable with photo editing. They allow editing and manipulation of photographs to make them into works of art. The latest enhancement technology fixes old photos and creates new digital images
Ease of Use: Utilize Guided Edits, which provide an easy method of starting the process. This is followed with step by step directions on screen on how to use the system efficiently.
Output Ability: Can save images in photo collages, create CDs or DVD and utilize a wide array of formats such as; PDF,PNG, TIFF, JPEG, JIF,
Organization: Photoshop’s software sort and organize images, remove or delete duplicity and with auto analyzer feature can actually tag images for easy identification.
Help and Support: Offers user moderated forums, online tutorials,, technical support by phone available daily, FAQ online and detailed information in users ‘ manual.
Media Sharing Capability: Has application for easy connection to friends list on social networks. Photo albums, cards or scrapbooks can be created effortlessly with built in templates.

Conclusion Each product has certain disadvantages to render them great, but not perfect. The biggest disadvantage found in Photoshop was the complexity of the program. The step by step instructions helped to simplify the usage however. Dissatisfaction surfaced from users at different levels for Corel. Complaints concerned operation bugs that need to be worked out. Once these are tweaked, both companies will enjoy more customer satisfaction, as their professional photo editing software is still the best on the market

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